Promo shoot

Well, this is overdue, but I’ll get into why in my next post.

So last weekend I got the other 2 actresses and a photographer together at Dapper Cadaver to shoot some fun photos for promoting my fundraising campaign coming up.

We got to use the space and props for free in exchange for doing some photos for their catalog. So it was half stylized editorial stuff and half more straight forward catalog shots. Heather, our photographer was amazing! She was so inspired by the props. We got all these awesome, almost abstract closeups with one of the crows. There was also this huge throne we got to use a bunch too. We had so much fun we stayed about 2 extra hours to get more.

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes!

To do list product shots

New 10 year anniversary shirt modeling setting up the seamless background

Kari with Crow Chelsea with Crow

downtime with Dinos

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