1 Week down! (a.k.a. Holy crap this is a lot of work! )

I’m not saying I didn’t expect this. I’m just confirming it. My buddies who have done crowdfunding before all told me it’s like having a second job. That’s not an exaggeration.

I still feel like I’m behind on my plans, but I’ve written over 150 emails so far and raised over $2000 of the $15,00+ I’m hoping for, so it’s going alright. You’d think writing emails would be easy, but in those numbers it’s a bit more time consuming than I expected. This week I’m hoping to finish the part where I bug my friends and then move on to my family! I also need to reach out to my horror community and then bands to see if they might share the links.

If you are reading this, please share this link in you social media!

So far I’m not doing a great job attracting strangers. Almost all my contributions are from people I know, which is incredibly generous of them, but I need to push outside of that asap.