What Metal Girls Are Into

A short, comedic thriller by Laurel Vail



Karina Assad


Kari Assad is an actor and writer. She received her BFA in Acting at Emerson College in Boston and became a writer after moving to LA. She is a stand up comedian and has performed in the Burbank Comedy Festival, has won the Uncle Clyde's Contest, was a finalist in the Funniest Comic in LA, and was selected for the Funny Fest in San Francisco. She also writes and produces short films. She is beyond thrilled to be making a movie with rock star ladies.

Chelsea Blechman


Matt Mercer


As an actor, Matt has secured a solid niche in independent genre features (The Mind’s Eye, Beyond The Gates, Browse, Psychopaths, Madison County, The Poisoning, Few Options), and the Syfy original movies (Age Of Tomorrow, Airplane Vs. Volcano, and Dam Sharks). As a filmmaker, he co-­produced and starred in the horror feature CONTRACTED (IFC), a hit that garnered a sequel Contracted: Phase II (in which Matt returned in the lead role). He directed, edited, and produced the feature film dramedy You Or A Loved One, and recently directed the short films including Tail, Play Violet For Me, and Feeding Time. He resides in California.

Torrey Drake


Aaron Leddick


Brandon Shypkowski


Brandon was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California and graduated from Loyola Marymount University. He took a year off to backpack through Southeast Asia before ultimately deciding to move back to Los Angeles for his acting career. Brandon is stoked to be acting in a film with such a funny, intelligent, and all-around kick-ass team. He is currently in pre-production on his own short film, Weather Talk. www.weathertalkfilm.com

Marc Assad


Emory LaserWolf

Xander (Metal Consultant)

Emory LaserWolf predates the current universe, and destroyed the previous universe. He slept peacefully, alone in the void of un-creation that remained, until fragments of the old universe that he had overlooked reacted, causing the Big Bang and birthing the current universe. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his lovely wife and 3 cats.



Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.


"You are not entitled to the attention of women." - Jo

The backbone of this story is the fight against men who feel entitled to the attention of any woman they want. The villain is basically a Men's Right's Advocate type of creep, who feels put upon just because all women don't want to pay attention to him. Some men can’t accept that women have the right to decide what to care about. This film is an exaggerated version of this struggle.

The Inspiration

A couple of friends of mine were going to NYC and found an airbnb that doubled as some kind of stand up comedy venue. They were warned that there might be comedy happening in the apartment during their stay. (It did not happen on their trip.)

This got me thinking about having an audience at the rental, most of which are probably not identified beforehand. What if one of them left something illegal there and the next people who stay at the rental have to deal with it?

This is not at all what happens in the short film. This is just what got me thinking about finding weird shit in a vacation rental, and how it would affect your weekend.

The Production

My goal for this production is to have a mostly female team. I know a lot of talented women in many parts of production, so this gives me an opportunity to work with them again, and hopefully find new talent as well. It's important to me to create these kinds of opportunities, not just for myself, but all women in the industry. It's like that quote you see all the time on magnets and bumper stickers: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Sounds good. Let's do this.

Why This Matters

Obviously projects like this matter not only because it creates opportunities for women in the entertainment industry, but because it gets another female voice out there, telling a female driven story. We need more of this.

On a more personal level, it matters a whole lot to me. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Years really. Write, direct, produce, and now I'm doing it all at once. It's daunting, but I think I can handle it now.

In the past I've been held back by clinical depression, so after I tried a new treatment this year that actually worked (transcranial magnetic stimulation), I feel unstoppable. Part of why I want to - need to - accomplish this is that I would like to show what can be done if you don't give up on finding the right treatment for mental illnesses. I've been extremely open about my depression and anxiety for years, and it's helped inspire others to seek out treatment. I'd like this to be an example of what someone can do if they don't give up on themselves and their dreams.


  •  Shoot: December, 2016
  •  Joshua Tree, CA
About the Filmmaker

Laurel Vail

Writer, Director (Jo)

Laurel hails from the 208*, went to college in Boston, and calls LA home. She's has been acting for around 10 years and starred in 2 feature films so far: Leading Ladies and Delivery: The Beast Within. This is her first crack at producing and directing. She is so excited to bring this project to life.
She also thinks it's really funny to write about herself in the third person.

*Southeast Idaho