Promo shoot

Well, this is overdue, but I’ll get into why in my next post.

So last weekend I got the other 2 actresses and a photographer together at Dapper Cadaver to shoot some fun photos for promoting my fundraising campaign coming up.

We got to use the space and props for free in exchange for doing some photos for their catalog. So it was half stylized editorial stuff and half more straight forward catalog shots. Heather, our photographer was amazing! She was so inspired by the props. We got all these awesome, almost abstract closeups with one of the crows. There was also this huge throne we got to use a bunch too. We had so much fun we stayed about 2 extra hours to get more.

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes!

To do list product shots

New 10 year anniversary shirt modeling setting up the seamless background

Kari with Crow Chelsea with Crow

downtime with Dinos

Photo shoot plans and Castrator contact

Today I (mostly) finalized some plans for a photo shoot with the other actresses this weekend. My buddies at Dapper Cadaver have agreed to let us do a shoot there in exchange for us some modeling new products for their catalog. Win/win! I have some decent outfits and accessories and I’m going to bring in a makeup artist to get us all gussied up, but like, in a metal way.

Today I also reached out to the band Castrator, which is a feminist death metal band out of NYC, though the members are from all over. M.S. responded and said they can probably help out my campaign with some CDs and swag!!

Today I am really grateful for people’s generosity. It really motivates me not only to keep going toward the funding campaign, but to make sure to create a great film that they can be proud to have helped with.

The location is booked!

Guys. I went a little road trip a few weeks ago to check out a place. It’s AMAZING. It’s about everything I could ask for this close to Los Angeles. So I booked it. (On my own dime!)

Initially I wrote WMGAI taking place in a 2-story house, but no one has an upstairs in the desert. I also wrote it with a guest house in a fenced in yard, but that’s REALLY specific and also hard to find. Also there was a basement. Oh, first drafts.

After some initial location searches and few re-writes, I figured out I could still pull off what I want to pull off with a single story house, a garage, and an RV, which I could probably rent separately. This was doable within driving distance of LA.

So I searched vacation rental sites for houses that were kind of off by themselves. I wanted it to feel really isolated. Then I found this.

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It has not one, but TWO RVs included on the property. There isn’t a garage, but there is a separate structure that will be great. Also, it has a lot of places to sleep, so with a few extra air mattresses I think we can all fit out there.

Did I mention it has a pool?


Also this!


So yeah. I booked this place for the end of December so THIS IS HAPPENING.

New site, New project!

Hey! I made this website and then I made ANOTHER one! It’s been a long time since I built one. Really since I was unemployed. I took the easy road this time and used a template. I’m too busy for something from scratch.

I’ve also applied for my registration for the LLC in California, so that should be finished in a few weeks.
I created new social media for this company as well as for the film. Now I gotta build them all up before the campaign launch in September. Also gotta lock in the plan for that as well.
I booked the shoot location for the end of December!! It’s so great! I’ll post about that later.
I have the budget mostly worked out. I need a few more details, but I have a decent estimate now.

So much to do still. So much.