The location is booked!

Guys. I went a little road trip a few weeks ago to check out a place. It’s AMAZING. It’s about everything I could ask for this close to Los Angeles. So I booked it. (On my own dime!)

Initially I wrote WMGAI taking place in a 2-story house, but no one has an upstairs in the desert. I also wrote it with a guest house in a fenced in yard, but that’s REALLY specific and also hard to find. Also there was a basement. Oh, first drafts.

After some initial location searches and few re-writes, I figured out I could still pull off what I want to pull off with a single story house, a garage, and an RV, which I could probably rent separately. This was doable within driving distance of LA.

So I searched vacation rental sites for houses that were kind of off by themselves. I wanted it to feel really isolated. Then I found this.

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It has not one, but TWO RVs included on the property. There isn’t a garage, but there is a separate structure that will be great. Also, it has a lot of places to sleep, so with a few extra air mattresses I think we can all fit out there.

Did I mention it has a pool?


Also this!


So yeah. I booked this place for the end of December so THIS IS HAPPENING.